Core Drilling

Core drills are used for many applications, either where the core needs to be preserved (the drilling apparatus used in obtaining a core sample is often referred to as a corer), or where drilling can be done more rapidly since much less material needs to be removed than with a standard bit. This is the reason that diamond-tipped core drills are commonly used in construction to create holes for pipes, manholes, and other large-diameter penetrations in concrete or stone. Core drilling offers a clean, accurate and fast way to drill holes. This technique is used for a number of different applications including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, phone line, HVAC and fire prevention equipment. Core drilling bits come in a range of sizes to accommodate any project. We carry 1” to 24” diameter core bits, these bits are made from diamond segments allowing us to cut through many materials including metal.


Concrete / Asphalt Cutting

Flat sawing also known as Slab sawing is the most identified diamond cutting method. Slab sawing features a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk behind machine requiring one operator. It is generally used to cut horizontal surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, expansion joints, and pavement. Slab sawing can be performed with a gas or electric/exhaust-free unit. Generally cuts can be made up to 24″ deep. However, we do offer specialized cuts of up to 27″ deep. Slab sawing is an efficient means of cutting any aggregate. It is quick and precise, allowing other contracting work to be performed virtually uninterrupted. Flat sawing is also used for green cut (new concrete) expansion joints, designs and patterns. Handheld sawing techniques are generally used for smaller jobs where it is faster and more cost effective than using other cutting methods. The hand saw can be used to cut on walls or floors and can cut up to 10” deep. They are highly portable and can access small, tight areas where cutting is needed. Typical applications include HVAC openings in brick and cinder block, beam pockets, and small opening in slabs and walls. Hydraulic Chain Sawing is usually a special application. When overcuts on concrete are not allowed, the chain saw can cut the corners without any over cuts, saving the integrity of the slab or wall. The chain saw can cut up to 18” in depth and is powered by hydraulics or gas. Hand sawing is used to make accurate cuts in difficult to access areas. Allowing our concrete professionals to accommodate cutting anywhere you need it.